Top Gaming Mice Features

As a gamer, you probably already know that the more precise your mouse is, the better you’ll aim during your gaming sessions, and increase your overall actions per minute. This will in turn increase your skill as a gamer. But what makes a good gaming mouse?

There are a few things to take into consideration.

For FPS Gamers

For people who like playing fast-paced first person shooters, the best mice would be those with the minimal amount of buttons, a high-end sensor installed, a ratcheted scroll wheel and a weight tuning system. Now this might seem overwhelming at first, but it is pretty logical.

You don’t need too many buttons to accidentally push. You only need the fire button and the aim button. These are the basic actions you take in any shooter game.

The sensor needs to be top-notch, since every pixel counts when aiming down the sights. The best mouse would carry a gaming grade laser sensor, best gaming mice since these work on almost any surface and can provide excellent tracking capabilities.

The ratcheted mouse wheel is a must if you wish to switch to the correct weapon in time. Mice with loose wheels will offer accidental weapon switching, so they are not recommended for this type of games.

The weight tuning system is optional here if you don’t care about how much your mouse weighs.

For MMO And Real Time Strategy Games

There is a special segment of gaming mice being developed specifically for these types of games. You can recognize these by the large button arrays, and for some, the extra ring finger button. The general idea for MMO and real-time strategy games is that the more actions you can do with your mouse, the better.

It’s no wonder you’ll find gaming mice with up to 20 programmable buttons. They can all be set to accomplish certain tasks during a game. This way, each action can be set to a specific button, so the keyboard use is minimal. They also have better memory installed, since they can record a lot of macros and game profiles for later use.

For these mice, the weight system is less important as is the DPI switch. This is because you can typically play with the same sensitivity levels during a whole game. In the case of shooters, you need to switch between high and low sensitivity, so you can react better in fast paced situations and line the perfect sniper shot when the situation presents itself.

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