Taking On The Hollywood And Indie Scenes

The Indie film scene has taken over quite a lot of the movie making industry today. Indie being short for Independent refers to films which are made by smaller film makers and not the larger motion picture companies that are common to the screens. The interesting thing though is that in order to be considered an Indie, only less than half of the financing for the movie should come from a larger film company. They basically are low budget films with limited release on the movies.

Hollywood as we know it is continually growing with various movies in production, be they action, drama, comedy or animation. The evolution of Hollywood has been seen from 123 movie before the 1900s when movies started being produced and filmed. The life in Hollywood is largely one of movie stars and celebrities who have featured in successful movies. It is diverse with many different landmarks and built up scenes which continue to be developed for various feature movies.

Even though Indie and Hollywood movies have come this far, there is need to recognize that it has been due to a number of factors. One of these is technology which has seen the rapid development of affordable cinematography cameras which have been made easier to use. This has come hand in hand with new computer editing software which is readily available in this industry. Because the technology has become more affordable, many aspiring movie makers are able to creatively express their work on film. The initial costs of equipment such as cameras were actually the biggest hurdle that many aspiring movie makers had to deal with.

The competition for high ratings on movies is highly pronounced today. Everyone wants to be the maker of the next block buster film. The larger film companies that we know of such as Paramount, Universal, Columbia and Warner Brothers all have their studio offices in Hollywood.

Indie film footage can even be created in your back yard at an extremely low budget which allows more artists to express their talents and works. When done in normal day light, there is no need for additional lighting equipment. Movie making remains one of the most thriving industries which will never lose its jest. More people are making films at lower costs, and citizens of the world want to see more stories shared with the world through movies, and also more artists want to creatively express themselves on screen as actors and actresses.

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