Student Loans without Credit Check

You’re a student, you’re young and you live on your own. I bet you’re loving every minute of it! Independence… what a great feeling huh? You can do whatever you want to do. Unfortunately enough, independence comes tied together with another word I think you won’t like too much, or at least I don’t… RESPONSIBILITY! I remember back in the days I used to slack so much on my credit debts my FICO score dropped so low I won’t even say it!

What I will say is that even though my installment loans for bad credit credit history was stained by low numbers, I still managed to take on a couple of student loans I desperately needed. I opted for student loans without credit check. They virtually saved my life.

Why I Got the Student Loans

The way things were going I was going to get kicked out of college because I failed to pay tuition. Not only that but I didn’t have all the books I needed for the semester. I was living like a parasite; asking my friends to lend me their books… I know I wanted a loan but I thought that with my background no one would consider giving me a private student loan or a state loan, not even a PLUS loan because I didn’t want my parents to think I couldn’t take care of myself; which wasn’t too far away from the truth…

So I went out there and looked for student loans that required no credit check. I was thrilled to learn that there were two kinds of student loans without credit check.

  • Secured loan
  • Non-secured loan

They basically mean that for one student loan you have to place something you own (secure) as a guarantee that you will pay off the debt, and your interest rates will not be so high. For the other student loan you don’t need to guarantee with anything (non-secure) but your interest rates are considerably high because of the potential risk your lenders have.

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