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How good our life is, and how happy and fulfilled we are is determined by our ability to fulfil the needs in our life. There are 6 human needs. We all want to be happy, perhaps for you to be happy you need to spend 50% of your time fulfilling one need. However, perhaps for me, I need more balance to be happy. Once we identify the 6 needs, learn them, and find out which combinations make us the happiest, we will all start to to have a better live. So, what are the 6 needs?

1. Certainty. The need to have predictable things happening in a predictable way. We all have some type of need for certainty in our life. Some of us, a bigger need for it, some of us a smaller need for it. There are certain things, we want to be certain about, this is better life about realizing what aspects of your life, you want certainty. Then make sure, you do whatever it takes to maintain that certainty. This is key as that is the first thing that makes us live a life of happiness and makes us have a happy life.

2. Uncertainty/Surprise. We all have a need for uncertainty to, there are certain times, when we want surprise, and we want variety. For example, even if we support a football team, and we always want them to win, if they always win, it would be boring to watch. As you would know that they would win, before the game. This is one of the main reasons football is entertaining, as anything can happen. Surprises and variety. Once again, identify in what areas of your life you want to have variety.

3. Love/Connection. This is something that everyone knows is a human need, so I want go into too much detail.

4. Significance. The need for significance is the need to be better, bigger, stronger, and faster. This is the need for competition. This is also the reason why gun and knife crime is around, because it is the easiest way to get significance. If you put a gun to someone head, you are instantly stronger, and more powerful than him. He is scared of you. However, we all have a need for significance. Have you ever wanted to be worse than someone? No, I didn’t think so, this is significance. Find out what you can be the best in the world at, it does bring happiness and a better life.

Those are needs that can bring you a better life, however, the next 2 needs are the need of the spirit. These will truly bring you a better life, more happiness and true fulfilment.

5. Growth. This the first one. Growth of your knowledge, growth of skill, growth of income, etc. When you are growing you, you can see progression and you see that you have a better life, so you are happy. Simple as that. Plus, we all want to be the best we can be, so growth is key. Personal development is a great way to grow, and have better results. On my site, I post lots of content that can help you develop. I read and stuff like that every day to grow. It brings results! Start to read positive educational knowledge and watch your growth.

6. Contribution. Yes, we all have a need for contribution. How can you contribute more, to bring a better life to you, and others? More information on this available in this short video. Highly recommended.


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