Pee Funnel- The Best Travel Companion of Female Solo Travellers

Female solo travellers are no less than a superwoman! There are many millennial divas out there fantasising about travelling solo. They want to explore the world on their own satisfying their wanderlust while experiencing complete freedom and some precious me time. While travelling solo is all that, it is also accompanied with lots of risk and it takes a lot of planning and preparations to successfully accomplish a trip.

Whether it is a trip overseas or a trek trip or an adventurous trip, a female traveller always have to stay safe on the road! There are beautiful moments and self realisations, but there are screw-ups too! And when you ask other travellers about how to be at a minimal risk, they will give advices like don’t get wasted, dress like a local, carry a whistle, carry a door stop and many other such advices!

While all these advices help you stay safe from strangers and individuals, no one really gives advices about hygiene. While travelling solo, women put their health at risk while using the public restrooms. The public toilets are unhygienic and their use can lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Even taking a leak in open places can be hazardous to health and safety!

So, the next time you travel a solo trip, include a Pee Funnel in your list of essentials. Pee Funnel or a Female Urination device allows women to stand and pee while using public toilets. But, when you buy your Pee Funnel, there are few things that you need to take care of. Like every woman’s body is different and it is essential that a pee funnel must be comfortable to your body type.

Also, if you are travelling for a longer period of time, it is essential that you buy a reusable Female Urination device that can be easily carried easily in your wallet or purse. And the one thing that you must accompany with your reusable Pee Funnel is a sanitizer, it will allow you to clean your funnel easily and make it reusable without sterilizing it. You can also carry a disposable pee funnel that can be dumped after use. But, these pee funnels are to be carried in quantity to ensure you don’t run out of them before your trip ends.

There are more than 10 million cases of UTIs registered every year in India! And UTI is recurrent in nature and it can affect you for a longer period of time! So, it is essential that a woman takes all the necessary precautions to avoid UTI.

Thus, the next time you plan to travel solo or come across a solo traveller; don’t forget to advice them to carry a Pee Funnel along with them for their better health and hygiene. Because in the end, solo travel is all about have a dreamful “SAFAR” and not a freighting “SUFFER” from health problems.

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