Patient Care

Patients require patient care.

Care requires patience and patients.

Impatience expresses a lack of care.

Caring professionals require lots of patience to attract lots of patients.

Caring for other people’s problems requires much patience & tolerance.

A lack of patience is a big problem and is not tolerated in caring professions.

Caring for patients is an ideal opportunity to experience and overcome the duality of patience & impatience.

Patience & tolerance are learned by 강남오피 suppressing one’s anger & intolerance.

Managing one’s impatience & intolerance is essential for a caring professional.

Suppressed impatience & intolerance will eventually make me a patient of my own lack of patience.

Is it better to care for someone’s illness or to share someone’s wellness?

Do I choose to help others be ill, or help them to be well?

Caring & Patience

Caring for others means waiting for them to get better.

Waiting requires patience.

Patiently waiting for someone to get better is an opportunity to develop more patience but it will never make someone else better.

Patience allows a patient to feel cared for but remain unwell.

When I am well, I no longer need to be cared for.

I need patient care when I need it, not when I don’t need it.

It is easy to become dependent on patient care and attached to those who supply it.

A patient carer needs to be needed by their patients as much as patients need their care.

Patients need the caring patience of patient carers as much as carers need both patients and patience.

Without patients, carers are not needed; and without patience, a carer is not needed.

Patient & Carer is a co-dependent relationship.

It explores the extremes of patience & impatience, tolerance & intolerance, and caring & bothering.

Caring & Bothering

Can I be bothered to care?

When I have the patience, I care.

When I am impatient, I am bothered.

A patient carer tends my needs.

A bothered carer tolerates my needs.

My needs are a bother and a toleration to an impatient carer.

A carer, who can’t be bothered, doesn’t apparently care.

A carer, who isn’t bothered, apparently doesn’t care.

A carer, who is bothered, is apparently not patient enough.

Bothering the patient is not a caring thing to do.

A villain bothers a victim.

A hero cares for a victim and bothers a villain.

Heroes need patience, villains are angry, victims need care.

Caring & Uncaring

Just because I do not care doesn’t mean that I am uncaring.

Just because I am not patient doesn’t mean that I am impatient.

Just because I am not kind doesn’t mean that I am unkind.

A dual reality world can be seen as uncaring, impatient & unkind by those who need kind & patient care.

I am neither caring nor uncaring when I am being accepting of the opportunity being presented to another.

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