Fat Transfer: Reshaping Loose Skin

Many people are misled by the misconception that loose skin is just a part of growing old say fat injection Los Angeles expert. They think that whatever wrinkles and furrows that happen do so because of loose skin and that there is nothing you can do about it. According to Los Angeles Botox Specialist, contrary to that reasoning it has recently been divulged that looseness in skin is actually caused by loss of fat in the skin.

While no one wants more of that pesky fat (the goal is to get rid of it!) there is now a way you can dramatically improve the appearance of the lines, wrinkles, and folds which happen upon unsuspecting individuals. Through a process called “micro-lipoinjection, fat injection Los Angeles treatment, facial fat rejuvenation, or just plain old fat transfer. Now, Los Angeles surgeons are able to do a great deal with fat that is unwanted elsewhere to help make the face that we love much more firm.ฉีดไขมันหน้า

West Hills facial fillers expert says that many may not be comfortable taking that fat from your thighs, stomach or posterior and implanting this fat where it’s needed. One of the most striking reasons for this is something that many people may not initially consider: there is markedly decreased chance of infection or rejection by your body which can happen with other fillers.

Safety is a big reason we like to use Fat Transfer, says Dr. Raffi Dishakijan M.D. Medical Director at Nu Vela Esthetica. The most commonly treated areas of the body include laugh lines, acne, trauma scars, brow lines, upper lip, between the nose, lips, chin and eyes.

This is an ongoing struggle that many people need to do: but for those who really need it, the time spent in the chair is more than worth it. Dr. Dishakijan estimates that the initial injection will take “for up to six months; after that you could need between 3-4 annual treatments” to keep your face looking taught and tight.

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