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A throat mic is a modern device that has been designed for use with two way radios. With this kind of microphone, background noises are substantially reduced thereby allowing for easier communication. There are plenty of features and benefits that can be enjoyed with microphones that can be worn on the throat. Among these is its superiority to noise cancelling microphones. The throat microphone can be used at home or office, on job sites or even on the battlefield.

Using dual active transponders, the throat mike absorbs sound which it gets through the vibrations caused by your voice when you speak. It is then transferred to the radio which converts the signals into recognizable frequencies. Among the kinds of throat mics that can be found Best Gaming Mouse Reviews on the market are:

Throat Microphone for PC

If you are a regular online gamer, you can play the game better and more proficiently with the use of a throat mic. It gives sound more clearly than conventional microphones and has an acoustic ear coil that is comfortable to wear and trendy to look at.

Cell Phone Throat Mic

This particular throat microphone allows you to use your mobile device hands free. You do not need to hold the cell phone to your ear when you communicate and you do not have to worry about ambient noises. You just need to plug it into your mobile unit and you can talk with someone without fear of not being understood or of the person you are talking with hearing what others around you are saying.

Mission Sniper Pro Throat Mike

This kind of throat mic is usually used by the military and police agencies and has been designed for operational and tough environments. Just like with other kinds of throat mics, the unit cancels ambient noise and can be used with gas masks and helmets.

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