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Whether you are a female or male basketball player, getting into the WNBA and especially the NBA can be a tough job. Mainly because more and more people want to play in this National basketball league and it creates fierce competition for all athletes. Unless you play for a famous college basketball team and actually good enough to pass the eye of the recruiters, it is almost impossible to get drafted to play ball professionally.

Maybe you are thinking about finding a way to play basketball internationally in Europe or Asia where the competition is less. In fact, basketball has become an international phenomenon and lots of countries are starting to pick up on this American sport. This results in many international basketball players to get drafted to the NBA such as Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming or Paul Gasol. So instead of competing with these great players, you have a better chance playing basketball internationally in France, Spain, Germany or even China.

The best way to get signed by these teams and play basketball internationally is by promoting yourself. Think of it as a job and you need to have a great resume to get hired. My old college friend, Shawn, who recently got signed to play basketball in Germany, is making couple hundred thousand dollars a year. Before he got signed with the team, he asked his friends and family members to take basketball legends videos of him playing basketball in real games. He then uploaded those videos on YouTube and try to let people see how good he is and increase the opportunities for getting signed.

If you get lucky, some agents will find your videos and think that you might be a perfect fit for their teams and contact you to play basketball internationally. However, if you can actually find those agents and contact them with your videos, it would be easier to get accepted. The key is to reach out and let those team managers know who you are and what you are capable of.

You can do some research on Google to find those agents’ contact information but it would be very time consuming. However, Shawn told me that he found a special report that provides him with all the contact information of many different teams from different countries. This special report also helped him to write the perfect resume and emails to the team agents while not getting scammed by fake teams which can cost lots of time and money on your part.

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