Basement Waterproofing Costs: What You Need to Know and Do to Save

Waterproofing your basement walls shouldn’t be expensive if you know where to find and what you’re looking for. There are plenty of resources and stores that specialize in waterproofing methods and will be of great help if you decide to put some work in waterproofing your basement. Putting things aside and taking things into perspective, the idea of waterproofing one’s basement should not be taken for granted and in fact, it should be taken into consideration. In as much as we want to make our humble son chong tham san be tong abodes as livable as possible, taking care of our basement is a must as this will prohibit future problems including flooding and the eventual damage of the things being stored. In line with this, the cost of waterproofing basement will depend on how much the work should be done and the size of your basement.

As stated above, money will always be a factor not only in the cost of waterproofing basement but also in terms of practically everything today. Sensing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, waterproofing your basement will oblige you to spend on the materials, labor and of course maintenance. But then again, if you already know what you’re looking for and to know where to look at, this effort will not only save you money but will also save time in the process of waterproofing your basement.

You can start by asking the advice of a family member, a neighbor or a friend that has already waterproofed their basements as they can readily give you needed advice in terms of costs and materials needed. Again, the cost will entirely depend on the work that needs to be done on your own basement. And since basements are not built to be the same, your neighbor’s expenses might come in cheaper than yours or the other way around, if the job is done.

Checking your basements for gaps, cracks and holes will also help you in estimating your costs; the larger the cracks, the more expensive it will be. But there are just a few and if you deem that you can do it yourself without the need to contract your local contractor, head to your nearest hardware or household shop for DIY waterproofing packages. However, if you feel that you are somewhat incapable of doing it yourself, never hesitate to call a contractor, but do not limit yourself to just one. Give it the benefit of the doubt as ask for the estimates of three or more contractors and select the one that’s affordable, but it does not always guarantee a job well done. Contractors usually utilize the best equipment and materials and this will cost some money, including their labor.

Those basements with little cracks can result to just installing footer drains that are used to counter flow water from your basement walls although there are houses that have footer drains installed already. It is also advisable to inspect these drainer and to either repair a damaged drainer or to replace it with a new one. Bad news will go to those with maximum damage or those basements that cannot be solved by just using plain materials and replacements. These types of basements will have to use heavy-duty machines and in cases, excavation to fully unearth the basement’s foundation and replace it with a new one. This is where having different estimates from contractors come in play; take time to consider each contractor and have them inspect your basement. Take their quotation and carefully choose the best and less expensive approach. Calculate your costs from the materials, equipment rentals and labor but always have some extra money just in case something has to be done or bought not included in the preliminary costing.

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