Anti Aging Treatments That Avoid Cosmetic Surgery

There are a large range of beauty treatments on the market now to help us fight back the effects of aging. It is becoming an ever increasing pursuit with the pressures of society to look younger and a population that is living longer and working longer; even the retirement age is disappearing all together. Cosmetic surgery is an expensive option and one for the rich and famous in most cases. Wimbledon Removals However, there are a larger number of non-surgical beauty treatments which can reduce the effects of aging using a number of different techniques. Society, in general, seems to find this type of treatment far more acceptable than the surgical alternatives.

Microdermabrasion is a process that works well for dry or oily skin, fine lines, wrinkles or skin damaged by the sun, acne or other scar tissue. It uses medical grade sand crystals which are blasted against the skin and removed by a miniature vacuum; taking away all the dead skin and leaving a smoother and softer skin. The resultant skin is more receptive to nutrients which enhance the impact of other skin treatments. It also helps with the promotion of new collagen which thickens the dermal skin layer; providing longer term protection from the effects of aging.

The CACI treatment utilises infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energies. It is a treatment that originated in the United States when it was used in medicine to treat the sufferers of Bells Palsy and Strokes. Now is being applied for beauty treatments to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by both tightening the skin and stimulating the collagen growth. It can be applied easily to a targeted area and works by heating the dermal tissue. The texture of the skin will look smoother, more toned and generally more luminous as a result. It is particularly good for the face and neck but can also be used on the upper arms, knees and abdomen. It particularly helps to reduce fine wrinkles and lift sagging skin e.g. under the eyes. Follow up treatments are usually recommended every 4 to 6 months after initial treatment but will vary according to the individual needs.

We are all born with muscles that have a natural electrical charge which helps to keep our muscles toned but over time, we lose the charge and its beneficial effects to our skin. Beauty treatments are available to recharge the muscles by using a micro current on the skin to apply an electrical impulse massage. The resultant affects are a reduction in sagging and wrinkles. Like other treatments, it helps to promote collagen growth and also elastin production. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 4 – 6 weeks following an initial course of treatment.

It is always advisable to consult a qualified beauty therapist before you undertake any treatment and to determine what treatment would best suit you. The advantage of these treatments are that they are non invasive, painless and do not involve a recovery time. Always ensure that the therapist is specifically trained in the treatment provided.

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